SimekScott takes a truly different approach to multistate tax consulting.   We partner with our clients to become integrated in their organizations and to understand their business from operations to administration.  We collaborate and gather relevant data, apply rigorous analyses, review external perspectives and root causes to issues.

Partnering allows SimekScott to gain a comprehensive familiarity with our clients' business operations, their industry and their focus and priorities to aid them in the management of their multistate tax decisions and achieve their overall corporate goals.


SimekScott serves clients at every level of their business and we collaborate through a constant flow of ideas and analyses emerging from discussions with all levels of an organization.  As we acquire a comprehensive familiarity of our clients' operations, we are listening to our clients to truly recognize what they believe to be their multistate tax issues, what they believe the priority of addressing the issues should be and where they determine we can be most useful, whether as a trusted advisor to top management or as a hands-on coach to front line employees.


SimekScott takes the concepts of cost-benefit and risk-compliance seriously.  Once we have a comprehensive familiarity of our clients' operations and have recognized our clients' concerns, focus and priorities, we develop a holistic approach and provide a SALT Considerations summary which addresses areas of risk and opportunity and focuses on our clients' short-term and long-term business objectives.

Our mission is to simplify state consulting.  Through the process of partnering with our clients and listening to their concerns, focus and priorities, we can determine their true issues, develop practical solutions and provide state and local tax advice in real time and as needed to equip our clients with the ability to drive tax operational improvement and meet the complex multistate tax challenges that arise within their organizations.