SimekScott is a state and local tax consulting firm serving large corporations, small and mid-size companies, privately held companies, foreign companies creating a presence in the United States as well as providing state & local tax services to small, mid-sized and large regional accounting firms' clients.  We understand that every client has distinct business factors and objectives and we aspire to simplify the state tax consulting process by providing clients with state tax solutions that consider their unique facts and align with their business goals.  

SimekScott brings together the right team that ensures we can quickly deliver the best experience and solutions to address our clients' unique state and local tax issues. 

We are partners who listen, strive to understand our clients' business, make no assumptions about their objectives, and work to provide clarity to the complexities of state and local taxation.


Simplify state tax consulting by gaining a deep understanding of our clients' business, operations and priorities to uncover insights and provide value through a reasonable, focused, collaborative and nimble approach to state and local tax burdens and opportunities.