Businesses of all sizes are often confused and broad-sided by the myriad of ancillary state and local tax implications that they may become subject to due to their unique business operations and activities. 

SimekScott’s state and local tax (SALT) Ancillary tax consulting services provides our clients with a breadth of knowledge and advisory services related to the numerous other state and local taxes that are often neglected but which can have as large of an impact on a companies tax exposure as income tax or sales tax.  Our holistic and comprehensive approach to understanding the multitude of state and local taxing authorities, their broad reach and numerous state and local taxes applied to our depth of knowledge of a clients operations, allows us to consider all possible issues and opportunities that most other tax providers cannot match.

Our Ancillary state and local tax services considers a companies operations in relation the countless supplemental taxes such as:


  • Insurance Company Tax

  • Personal Property Lease Tax

  • Merchants and Manufacturers Tax:

  • Bank Franchise Tax

  • Public Sector Company Tax

  • Bank and Financial Corporations Tax

  • LLC Tax

  • Chain Store Tax

  • Commercial Vessels Tonnage Tax


  • Severance Tax

  • Oil and Gas Property Tax

  • Oil and Gas Production Tax

  • Petroleum Products Gross Earnings Tax

  • Mineral Documentary Tax

  • Mining License Tax

  • Fisheries Tax

  • Timber Yield Tax

  • Hydraulic Fracturing Tax

  • Conservation Tax

  • Grain Handlers Tax


  • Public Utilities Taxes

  • Water Use Tax

  • Telecommunications Service Excise Tax

  • Prepaid Wireless Telcom Tax


  • Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Taxes

  • Lubricating Oils Tax

  • Motor Fuel Tax

  • Motor Carrier Road Tax

  • Commercial Vessels Tonnage Tax

  • Tire Fee Tax

  • Auto Rental Tax

  • Rental Tax

  • Vehicle Rental Tax

  • Private Car Companies Tax


  • Tourism Tax

  • Hotel Operators Tax

  • Occupancy Tax

  • Lodging Tax

  • Transient Accommodation Tax

  • Ballpark Fee

  • Entertainment/ Amusement Tax

  • Admissions Tax

  • Initiation Fees Tax


  • Document Filing Tax

  • Alcoholic Beverage Tax

  • Tobacco Stamp and Use Tax

  • Cigarette and Tobacco Products Tax