Wayfair Series

Wayfair Series: Follow updates on the how the states are responding to the seminal nexus case South Dakota v. Wayfair through our insights, videos and snapshots.

IRC § 965 State conformity Series

I.R.C. § 965 Series: Follow updates on how states are responding to the 2018 Tax, Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) and the deemed repatriation for foreign dividends through our insights, videos and snapshots.


About Us

SimekScott is a state & local tax consulting firm serving large corporations, small and mid-size businesses, privately held companies and foreign companies creating a presence in the United States.

We believe the most effective way to bring sustained value is to partner with a client and gain a deep understanding of their business and priorities. We work to identify state and local tax trends that may affect their current state tax approach and advise on alternatives and best practices. This allows us to be proactive and provide value through a reasonable, focused, collaborative and nimble approach to state and local tax burdens and opportunities.


Our Approach



 We partner with clients to become integrated in their organizations and to understand their business from operations to administration.



 We are always listening to truly recognize what clients believe to be their state and local tax priorities.



We then simplify state and local tax consulting by developing a holistic approach providing a SALT Considerations summary addressing areas of risk and opportunity.


State & Local Tax Services

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  • Income Tax

  • Sales Tax

  • Employment Tax

  • Property Tax

  • ancillary taxes

  • Transaction Services

  • Inbounds

  • Credits and Incentives


State & Local Tax Insights, Videos & Snapshots


SALT INSIGHTS are articles written by SimekScott to provide in depth reporting on emerging state and local tax developments that may have a significant impact on your business. Learn more...


SALT DASH is a video series produced by SimekScott which provides a summary report on state and local tax developments to help you stay up to date on issues that may affect your business. Learn more...


SALT SHOTS is a periodic compendium of relevant state and local tax highlights on state tax rate adjustments, penalty rate adjustments, and other compliance information. Learn more...