State credits and incentives can be an important part of a company’s overall tax strategy.  Credits and incentives provide additional working capital for expansion, maintenance and hiring opportunities as well as offsetting tax liabilities.  However, understanding the plethora of state tax credits and incentives and their associated compliance requirements can be confusing and burdensome.

SimekScott’s state and local tax (SALT) credits and incentives consulting services provides our clients with a comprehensive and holistic approach to uncovering credits and incentives risks and opportunities.  Working closely and collaborating with our clients to understand their operations, we can determine what credits and incentives they have historically utilized, identify any current risks and determine whether additional credits and incentives opportunities are available. 

We will work with our clients to identify credits and incentives risks and opportunities through:

  • State Credits And Incentives Review: Identify significant tax credits and incentives available to our clients based on their location, industry and operations.

  • Operational Review: Gain a deep understanding of our clients' business operations.

  • Planned Capital Expenditure Review: Work with key personnel to develop a full picture of operational maintenance spend, expansions and general capital expenditures.

  • Quantify And Qualify: Develop a holistic credits and incentives report that quantifies and qualifies the potential risks and opportunities among the options available to our clients' operations.

  • State Credits And Incentives Report: Provide a report which documents risks and opportunities, provides a roadmap related to assistance in filing requirements, state requirements for realizing the value of credits and incentives and an implementation plan.